Homemade face mask for adult acne

Ah, acne! The bain in every teenager’s existence. The rushing hormones, oily skin, big spots and small breakouts – you name it, we’ve all been there. We ticked off the days on our calendar until adulthood strikes and we were no longer held to ransom by the cruel mistress that is acne.

During my teenage years, I like many other experienced acne – less than most but more than others, it was never a massive issue as most of my spots cleared up in no time. Once I passed puberty my skin became much better and I honestly had very limited issues with my skin, apart from a few blackheads on my nose.

However during October of last year I had a massive break-out! It’s nothing I’ve had experience with before and honestly it was really distressing, both of my cheeks had lines of spots which were sore and looked awful. After months of researching which products may help, not wearing make-up and drinking A LOT of water my skin started to slowly to recover. I don’t know what cause Mt. Vesuvius to appear on my once smooth rosy cheeks but one morning without warning there they were! Unsightly and painful acne… lucky me!

I do have to confess that before my breakout, I didn’t have a proper skincare regime and relied on a morning wash every now and then and a moisturiser when I could remember, but now I use a moisturiser, night-time cream, cleanser, exfoliator, primer and serum. I did struggle to find the right skincare for me, I know I needed a product which would treat my acne and protect my skin but finding a product which you can trust is a massive battle. I decided to explore the natural route as I felt that was the safest option.

During the last 7 months I have been using products from Lush and Simple, I have noticed an amazing improvement in my skin apart from a few acne scars which I am working hard to improve. As well as using natural products I have been experimenting with making face masks at home! Here is one of my favourites.

For this face mask you will need:


Lemon juice

Manuka honey

Step 1

Measure out two parts water, one part oatmeal. Mix in a cooking pot. Oatmeal will cleanse the skin of oil and exfoliate the pores.

Step 2

Heat the pot over medium to low heat. Add the juice of a lemon while stirring. Lemon juice is a natural bleach that will help fade the acne scars.

Step 3

Take the pot off of the stove and allow the ingredients to cool. Mix in a generous amount of manuka honey. The antibacterial composition of the honey combined with its ability to create an air tight seal, accelerate the healing process in new wounds and scarring when applied topically.

oats lemon


Step 4

Apply the face mask and leave it on for at least 30 minutes or overnightStep 5Rinse off the mask. Gently dry your face with a towel and apply a moisturizer with a sunscreen.

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