Fashion Killa Jewellery Launch

Fashion Killa I was invited by the beautiful ladies at Fashion Killa Jewellery to their new collection launch party on Sunday. It is the first event I have been to as a blogger, so though I was really excited.. I was also nervous. When my friends and I arrived we were greeted by friendly faces and a drink in hand. As I wandered through the rows and rows of jewellery layed out before me, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was, the new collection is bright, current, wearable and affordable! What more could you want?

The collection has influences from a number of different designers which became really apparent, some of the pieces were intricate, small and subtle with colour combinations. Other pieces from the collection were chunkier, brighter  and bejewelled. There were even a few pieces which had a grungier and darker feel to them, which my friend Jess loved! The bigger more colourful pieces whisked me away to an exotic land and made me think of my holiday! However, I did preferred the smaller pieces, as they are ones I would wear on a day to day basis and suited me more. Although, the chunkier, bright were beautiful and definitely worth investing in.

Table jewellery

Here are the pieces I bought from the collection, I have taken a variety of images so you can get a feeling for the pieces. This first necklace is my favourite! This necklace allows you to shorten or elongate the chain and unhook some of the medallion pieces meaning you get a number of necklaces in one. The second piece is a simple two toned necklace, the soft pastel colours are great for spring but also work throughout the year. As I’m quite fair, I like to wear soft colour which our subtle but add to my outfits and complexion. I instantly noticed the third necklace and could not leave without it, I love the layered effect and the gold/white is simple and will work with a simple dress, or jeans, tee and leather jacket. Perfect for every season.

I don’t often wear earrings but when I saw these beautiful drop earrings I couldn’t resist, once again I went for the soft subtle colour which will work with my fair skin and blonde hair, I’m really excited to wear these with a beautiful summer dress.

Overall I thought the collection was beautiful, the ladies who run the company are also an inspiration! Raising children and supporting each other to create something which is truly stunning

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