Breakfast at Banyan Bar & Kitchen

As the Corn Exchange continues to undergo it’s transformation my colleagues and I were invited to Banyan Bar & Kitchen to try their breakfast offering during their soft launch.  On arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff and on first impression the restaurant was open, fresh and beautifully decorated. We were sat by one of the large front facing windows from where we admired the sunny Manchester morning (we don’t get many of those).

I ordered a breakfast tea which came in a black teapot and a beautiful tea cup, which if I’d had the chance would have left with me in my bag!! For my meal, I ordered the smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs and was immensely impressed be the perfectly cooked eggs and delicious avocado recipe.

The only point of improvement I would make would be to offer more vegetarian options on the main menu. Yes, there are less vegetarian, but when eating with carnivore friends.. we pull rank!

I fell in love with the Banyan decor, the walls were coloured in a beautiful sea blue and the pick ‘n’ mix chairs were an eye pleasing teal colour. The restaurant was decorated with copper/rose gold accessories such as the light bulbs and vases and as someone who loves copper/rose gold I couldn’t have been happier! The decor is fresh, on trend and appealing to everyone but it also has a sense of character which will definitely help Banyan to stand out in the Corn Exchange.

The experience at Banyan was perfect and I really enjoyed spending my morning there. I can’t wait to go back and sample the evening menu

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