The season of giving

As the song says Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, it is the perfect time to see your family, cuddle up on the sofa, drink hot chocolates, enjoy some delicious food and give & receive presents. However, for some families it isn’t the most wonderful time of the year, 1 in 5 families in UK are living below the poverty line and Christmas can be an especially hard time of the year and some of those families rely on food banks. personally, I think that are wonderful lifelines to families/people who are struggling, at one point in our life we will all need help, for some, that might be from the doctor, dentist, vet, car garage or a food bank, there is no shame is asking for help because in the long run it can only be positive.

Researching homelessness, food banks and poverty in the UK has made me realise how extremely lucky I am. I’ve had a wonderful education, I have a supportive family, a great job and lovely friends. I’ve never had to worry about my next meal or where it is coming from. I recently spoke to a friend of mine who works with homeless charities and often gives to food banks, I never realised there were food banks around me and seeing the growing number of homeless people in Manchester has honestly broke my heart, the tenacity of some individual is humbling and it made me realise there are so many ways in which I can help.

After I did some googling I found my local food bank and printed off the list of items they need donations of, so I went to Tesco and filled up my trolley, now I’m not saying everyone should go to their local supermarket and spend a fortune because it is an expensive time of the year, but if you could buy an extra bag on pasta or few extra cans of soup during your weekly shop then that could make the difference to a family in your area, some supermarket even do food bank drop offs.

Here is a list of items which food banks accept:

Pasta, Rice, Tinned Meat, Tinned, Fish, Tinned Vegetables, /Fruit, Tinned Pudding, Soup, Long Life Milk (Powdered), Snack bars & Biscuits, Long Life Fruit Juice, Tea, Coffee and Sugar.

You can find a list of everything food banks accept of websites such as this:

I hope this has inspired you to help not only this season but throughout the year, but why not make someones Christmas a little easier this year.




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