My Winter Skincare

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It’s finally winter and it’s time to step up the skincare regime, over the last year I’ve really become interested in skincare and the different options available. I’ve noticed there are a lot of skincare products on the market which over promise and under deliver. After I suffered a bad breakout last year I’ve become really careful with the products I put on my skin and I’ve now created a skincare regime which works for me. My breakout has left me with some light pigmentation on both of my cheeks which left me feeling slightly insecure. After some research I found the Elemis  White Brightening Collection which help with pigmentation and uneven skin tone, I haven’t been using this product for long, therefore, I don’t feel comfortable giving it a full review but so far I’m happy with the results and how my skin has reacted with the products.

The next product in my winter skincare collection is the Emma Hardie Moringa balm, I use this cleanser to remove all traces of makeup and dirt from the day. Before I found this cleanser I always used makeup wipes such as Simple but I started to realise they weren’t cleansing my skin fully and my skin wasn’t benefiting as much as I would like it to. I still use the Simple wipes especially if I get home really late and need to quickly clean my face but I’m completely love in with the Emma Hardie balm.

In the last few months, I have heard a lot about Kiehl’s and facial oils and wanted to try them for myself. I went to a Kiehl’s store in London and they  tested my skin and confirmed that I have combination skin. After discussing my skin problems and requirements with one of the specialists from Kiehl’s I bought the Vitamin Concentrate and the Daily Reviving Concentrate. The Vitamin C Concentrate is a great addition to any skincare regime, firstly it leaves skin feeling soft and fresh but also, Vitamin C is really good for pigmentated and dull looking skin. The Daily Reviving oil is a great substitute for a moisturiser as it helps with the look of fatigue, stress, dullness and texture of skin.

While trying and testing different skincare products, I didn’t often focus on undereye products but after my friend recommended the Clinique All About Eyes product I decided to give it ago. This product is very silky and smooth and it contains some outstanding ingredients fortify skin and allow it to repair itself. I also try the Flint + Flint Eye Hero which leaves a refreshing and fresh feeling under the eye and gives that wide awake feeling but I definitely prefer the Clinique product.

No skincare regime is complete without a good face mask, I use a lot of different face masks including the Korean Sheet Masks but my favourite mask is definitely the Cosmetic Catastrophe Mask from Lush. I love this mask because it helps with breakouts and helps to calm the skin, this mask contains Vitamin A, C and E and after all, that does spell ACE!

Last but not least is my Burt’s Bee lip balm, I love Burt’s Bee because of the tingles/cooling effect from the menthol in the product, it leaves my lips feeling incredibly smooth but I also use lip balms from Nivea and Vaseline too.

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