Between getting to work, hitting the gym and heading out for a ‘few’ drinks my feet go through a lot and I often suffer from sore sole (say that five times fast) or blisters, therefore, I starting to look for a solution and bingo.. here it is!

I received an email from Nine To Five Heels after attending an event by The Press Tent, I requested a sample of the product and crossed my fingers they would be the answer to my prayer, luckily for me they arrived before Christmas, therefore, it was the perfect time to try them out.

I bought a beautiful pair of shoes from Topshop which look amazing  but they put the killer into killer heel! However because I’m a glutton for punishment I refuse to throw them away. Over the Christmas break, I was invited to a handful of parties/nights out which I wore these heel to and decided to test the insoles, if there was a pair of shoes that was going to put them through their paces (pardon the pun).. these were them. I was really happy with the results, though my feet felt sore by 4:30am, I didn’t have any trouble through the night and forgot about the insoles altogether.

151019_ninetofive_heels_005-Edit.jpgWhen it comes to workwear I’m a complete fool for the black ankle boot especially the ones with a good heel but after running to and from my car, meetings and lunch this can cause some serious foot pain, especially if the sole is hard (good shoes? Yes! Comfort? Questionable) so I slip in the 9-5 product and boom problem fixed! Now, I’m not saying this would last for someone who is on their feet all day but it’s definitely my solution.

The product comes in three colours as demonstrated below so whether you fancy a pinch of colour or need them to blend in with your shoes there is something for everyone! Nine To Five Heels have been developed to gently support the contour of the foot and redistribute the pressure meaning less pain and         more gain


I would highly recommend this product, especially if you’re addicted to heels like me! Be comfortable and fabulous!

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