What You Actually Need For A Festival!

Leave the oversized hats, booty shorts and flower crowns at home, they might scream festival but they also scream a serious inconvenience! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hat but if it get wet or dirty it just becomes a pain to carry around. It you’re festivalling abroad or in a hot destination then you can ignore some of this advice, however, if you’re hitting the likes of V Fest, Creamfields, Isle Of Wight, Reading or Glastonbury then here what you actually need for a festival.

A portable phone charger, depending on the length of your festival stay you might need a couple to keep your phone powered up, the festival will have a phone charging station but they charge by the hour and they charge A LOT! You can buy these from stores like Currys, PC World and Amazon etc.

A rain coat! Hey, you might get lucky and miss the rain altogether but if you’re heading to somewhere in the UK then you’re probably going to get some rain and nothing kills your dancing around like I just don’t care than getting soaking wet – it isn’t cute and it certainly isn’t fun. I love this raincoat from Topshop it’s has the perfect festival vibe.

Topshop Β£39


A good pair of leggings will see you through any festival, whether they are your PJs your to and from the shower look, your after party comfy look or however you choose to style them but you definitely can’t wrong with leggings.

There are two ways you can play your tenting situation, the easy way is to get a pop up tent, release the tent from the bag and your home away from home is up and running, however, I suggest investing in a proper tent (with a porch) the perfect place to hide from the rain and chill out in the morning before the gets started.

Last but certainly not least remember to pack your wellies! They are a festival must have especially if you’re heading to somewhere like Glastonbury – with so many different styles you’re sure to find something you like, I personally prefer the high ones but ankle wellies are also available. (p.s remember to buy a good pair of socks to go with them – the blisters from wellies can be painful!)

Here are some of my favourite festival looks!




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