At the end of September I decided to leave rainy Manchester behind and head to Jamaica on a solo trip! I visited St. Ann’s for a week of sun, sea and adventure,  during my time there I completely fell in love with the place – it was incredibly beautiful and such a vibrant country – I can’t put into words how Jamaica made me fell, freer and more relaxed than I had been in a very long time.

My first stop in Jamaica was the Royal Decameron, A hotel in which all of the rooms where little condos in the grounds, I was lucky enough to stay in a room which over looked the sea and sand.


This spot of paradise was my home for the week and I couldn’t have been happier, I was surrounded by happy go lucky locals and visitors who were winding down after months of stressful work and everyday living! To watch on as people sipped cocktails and beamed happily was heaven and such a positive atmosphere to be in.


Breakfast with a view!



I decided while I was in Jamaica I would visit the Dunns River Waterfall and try my best at climbing up the rocks, the water was freezing cold but quite refreshing under the hot Jamaican sun. Even though I had travelled to this slice of heaven on my own I made lots of new friends and met some lovely people especially on this waterfall trip.


After spending a wonderful three days in the my first hotel, the hurricane known as Matthew was moving closer to Jamaica, therefore my holiday reps thought best we move hotels (which I was not going to complain about!). I was moved to the Riu hotel about 10mins down the road and it was as gorgeous as the previous hotel!



Jamaica is truly a magical country and while driving though the streets is was incredible to see people getting on with their everyday lives, unaware of the lazy visitors in their resorts! It felt like I was on another planet, thousands of miles away from my everyday worries and obligations. Jamaica is definitely a country I will visit again and again.








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