My skincare collection is constantly growing from moisturisers to serum, eye creams and exfoliators I have enough to open my own shop! I don’t buy everything on the market but I’m also interested to try different products and test them myself.

I’ve mentioned before but a couple years ago I had a massive breakout along my cheekbones and it really affected the way I treated my skin and the products which I use – I want to make sure I’m giving my skin everything it needs without using too many products. I’ve found that a lighter routine in the morning and a heavy and longer routine in the nighttime works better for me – firstly because I love to sleep and have less time in the morning but also my skincare products don’t always work well with my make-up. I’m currently using a selection of products from different brands which include Nip + Fab, The Body Shop, Emma Hardie, Flint + Flint and Elemis – I don’t use all of these products every day but I mix and match depending on what my skin needs and what skin issues I’m having at the time.

At the moment I’m currently suffering from dry skin and large pores on my nose – I’ve always suffered from blackheads and large pores on my nose from a young age but I still haven’t found the hero product which has helped me with this, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know! For my dry skin, I use The Body Shop sleep mask at night after cleansing, toning and applying a serum! From time to time I sometimes use my Nip + Fab Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads at night especially when my skin feels especially dirty in the evenings. I like this moisturiser because it feels nourishing without feeling too heavy and I can see the difference in the morning when I wake up. I also love using a serum in the morning and at night to help hydration – I’m currently using the Flint + Flint Vitamin C Serum and Nip + Fab Dragon’s blood fix pumping Serum which are both amazing and has had great results on my skin! Obviously, I try and drink as much water as possible to help hydrate my skin which is obviously benefiting all aspects of my skin.


My hero product at the moment is the Camomile cleanser from The Body Shop, it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever use! It melts makeup off it seconds and the second is light enough to keep the product over for a couple of minutes – I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it’s definitely something I will be buying again and again.


Though I’m pretty happy with my skincare routine at the moment it’s far from perfect and I’m definitely still lacking in certain areas – I don’t wear any SPF throughout the day which I know is affecting my skin, I’m not sure where to start to be honest, is it worth buying a foundation with a SPF in it or is it better to by a primer and moisturiser with SPF in it? There are so many options and advice out there and it’s one I’m not really sure on, to be honest, I’ve tried all the options I’ve mentioned but one hasn’t stuck yet – if anyone has advice please let me know!


As you can see from my pictures I’m skincare obsessed and I wish I had taken care of my skin earlier and cared more about that than make-up but it’s all about finding a balance. If you have any tips of advice let me know in the comments below!





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