Elite Together describes its transform programme as an intensive 6 week programme that is designed to discover your true potential! The goal is to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks and if you do you get your money back!

When I tell people that i’ve joined this programme I’m met with a lot of confused faces, a lot of people telling me I don’t need to lose 20lbs (which is very sweet) and a lot of laughter because I can’t drink alcohol or have sugar for 6 weeks (yes, really). So why did I join? I’m suppose i’m not in desperate need to lose weight and as some-one who can run a decent distances my fitness levels are OK..ish but I still felt like I was missing something within my workouts! Once I’m in a routine I love the gym, especially classes! Being shouted at by an instructor and having people around you to suffer with and inspire you is great – it helps motivate you and keep the atmosphere light, I believe exercising should be challenging but fun – what is the point in doing something you hate? You won’t keep it up or get anything from it long term.

I like to see exercise as therapy and to challenge how far I can push my mind as well as body, I wrote a blog post a little while ago about the benefits exercise on my mental health which you can find here:Β http://bit.ly/2raXIQ5

I’ve just completed my first week at Elite and it has been amazing, the workouts are killer and the meal plan means that i’m eating better and not stuffing my face full of chocolate or any junk foods, sadly for my boyfriend takeaway Friday is out of the occasion. My first weigh in is on Monday so I will update after that and i’ll keep writing about my experience and how the weight loss/fitness aspect of the training goes.


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