One thing I think is really obvious from my blog is I’m obsessed with skincare! I might not be able to contour, but if you need a girl who knows her daily cleanser from her night cream then BOOM! here I am! I’ve recently become really interested in natural skincare, especially when it comes to products which I use on my face – I’ve been investing in some bits from The Body Shop but now the lovely team at Pure potions sent me some amazing products to try and add to my overflowing skincare collection. The team sent me six products – Daily Moisturiser, Facial Oil, Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Intense Moisturiser and a Omega Cleanser.


I was a bit worried when I first received the cleanser as it’s oil based and normally I’m not a big fan of oily products, however, it was amazing! It felt really nice on my skin without being greasy or sticky! Currently, i’ve been using the cleansing balm from The Body Shop which I still love, however, this cleanser is definitely up there in my ever-growing collection.

I also received facial oil which has to be one of my favourite products from the collection, I often get dry skin – especially after cleansing and even though I drink more water than a fish my skin can still be really dehydrated! I’ve only been using the product for a couple of days but I can already see an amazing difference in my skin. With the facial oil you only need a couple of drops which I like to add into my moisturiser rather than adding straight to my face – I’ve really enjoyed using this product at night time because it gives it the night to sink in.


As a girl from Manchester I’m used to the cold rainy weather, however, my lips don’t take to it as well..meaning I often get Ribena lips (imagine drinking a glass of Ribena and the purple lip you get on your top lip – yeah that, but chapness.) This lip balm is really moisturising and perfect for when my lips need some serious r&r – I don’t think I would use it every day, but it’s great when my lips are suffering.


I’ve been suffering from a little dry and dehydrated skin recently, I don’t know if it the change in my routine or I’m not getting enough water (despite drinking A LOT) but there is definitely tightness/dryness especially on my cheeks and forehead – I’ve been using the moisturiser every morning to help with this and I love it – the moisturiser is thick and creamy without being heavy – it sinks into the skin really well and leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I think it’s so important to moisturise your face especially before putting make-up on and after taking it off. Currently, I’ve been using one from Nip & Fab, but I definitely think I’ll be adding this one into my circulation.


Pure potion also offer an intense moisturiser which I’ve not had a chance to use this moisturiser yet as my skin hasn’t really suffered from intense dryness – however, from the result I have seen this cream sounds amazing if you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions which causes you skin to be dry – I’m looking forward to winter coming so I can give it a go. The formula for this product is really interesting, stored in a pot the warmth of your hand turns the balm into an oil making application onto dry skin much easier and soothing.

Even though I’m pretty obsessed with skincare I serious neglect my hands, I don’t particularly have any issues with my hands and to be honest I often forget that hand cream is a thing! However, in the spirit of giving things a go I’ve popped this on my desk at work in the hopes that I’ll remember to give my hands some extra TLC – I wasn’t sure on the smell at first, I’m used to things which don’t have much of a smell but this (even though it smell amazing) definitely has a strong one, I’ve started to get used to it and the natural scents have become quite a nice part of my day.


I believe the range is available in Boots and as mentioned before is completely natural, which I think is SO important for the environment and our bodies. If you want more information about the brand head over to their website which can be found at


Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 19.57.12


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