Between getting to work, hitting the gym and heading out for a ‘few’ drinks my feet go through a lot and I often suffer from sore sole (say that five times fast) or blisters, therefore, I starting to look for a solution and bingo.. here it is!

I received an email from Nine To Five Heels after attending an event by The Press Tent, I requested a sample of the product and crossed my fingers they would be the answer to my prayer, luckily for me they arrived before Christmas, therefore, it was the perfect time to try them out.

I bought a beautiful pair of shoes from Topshop which look amazing  but they put the killer into killer heel! However because I’m a glutton for punishment I refuse to throw them away. Over the Christmas break, I was invited to a handful of parties/nights out which I wore these heel to and decided to test the insoles, if there was a pair of shoes that was going to put them through their paces (pardon the pun).. these were them. I was really happy with the results, though my feet felt sore by 4:30am, I didn’t have any trouble through the night and forgot about the insoles altogether.

151019_ninetofive_heels_005-Edit.jpgWhen it comes to workwear I’m a complete fool for the black ankle boot especially the ones with a good heel but after running to and from my car, meetings and lunch this can cause some serious foot pain, especially if the sole is hard (good shoes? Yes! Comfort? Questionable) so I slip in the 9-5 product and boom problem fixed! Now, I’m not saying this would last for someone who is on their feet all day but it’s definitely my solution.

The product comes in three colours as demonstrated below so whether you fancy a pinch of colour or need them to blend in with your shoes there is something for everyone! Nine To Five Heels have been developed to gently support the contour of the foot and redistribute the pressure meaning less pain and         more gain


I would highly recommend this product, especially if you’re addicted to heels like me! Be comfortable and fabulous!

Trend report: Luxemme Co-Ord

With the party season fastly approaching and working in an industry in which I have to attend a lot of events, I’m always on the look out for pieces which I can year round and take from day-to-night.

This Olivia co-ord from Luxemme is the perfect investment and great value for money! The material is thick and good quality, the fit is flattering and accentuates the body in a sophisticated and sexy way. I think no matter what your body type this co-ord is a great fit because it reveals the slightest section of your waist which give the illusion that the waist looks smaller (always a bonus) and this part of the body is normally the smallest and most tone area on this section of body.

The lace is beautiful and this extra detailing definitely adds the WOW factor to this co-ord! I always worry about how fragile lace is and how easier it can pull, fray and rip, however, the lace detail on this outfit is made from a strong shiny material, meaning it is less likely to rip and creates a wonderful outfit for the evening

There are a number of ways which you could style this piece, I like to dress it up with my heels and a long sleeveless coat. However, this is definitely something I would wear in the day with flats and a cardigan. Another great thing about co-ords is the ability to wear them separately too! This skirt would look great with a long sleeve black t-shirt or jumper and the top would look great with some wet look pants/leggings or a simple skirt.

Luxemme has a number of beautiful outfits on their website and I already have my eye on some of their new collection! As a girl who loves a black dress this is definitely on my shopping list:

I will be post more photos of this outfit on my Instagram account – SARAH_RAY93

Let me know if you have bought anything from Luxemme before and your thoughts!

Stripe This Way With Boutique Of Molly

I was recently contacted by the lovely team at Boutique of Molly to pick some of the pieces from their collection. Once I picked my items I waiting for them to arrive in the post.

On first glance, I couldn’t believe the quality of the garments, I’m often wary of buying from names/companies I haven’t heard of before, I love supporting new and independent stores, but I have been bitten by unfinished and unwearable pieces in the past. However, the pieces from Boutique of Molly were of an amazing standard and cut.

These are the pieces I decided to purchase, I like to invest in pieces that I can style differently and wear all year round. I feel like strips are such a classic statement and are seen in collections from Spring right through until Winter.

This Grey & White dress is beautiful and form fitting, I like to style it with black tights, ankle boots and my long sleeveless coat. The only advice I would give for this dress is GO A SIZE UP! I’m tall meaning the dress is a little bit short on me but because of how I like to style it, I’m happy enough with the length.

I absolutely love the black and white striped crop, it feels very Parisian and I often imagine myself drinking a coffee at some street side cafe.. but maybe that is because I need a holiday!
 I like to style this with black cigarette pants, ballet pumps, a light jacket

On a day to day basis I work in an office but sometimes have to go out for client meetings, events or like to head out after work – pieces like this make my life so much easier, they are perfect to dress up and down.

I would really recommend Boutique of Molly to anyone and can’t wait to have a look at the other pieces they have!

You can find these pieces and their new collection at

I have already seen a dress that I must have.



Fashion Killa Jewellery Launch

Fashion Killa I was invited by the beautiful ladies at Fashion Killa Jewellery to their new collection launch party on Sunday. It is the first event I have been to as a blogger, so though I was really excited.. I was also nervous. When my friends and I arrived we were greeted by friendly faces and a drink in hand. As I wandered through the rows and rows of jewellery layed out before me, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was, the new collection is bright, current, wearable and affordable! What more could you want?

The collection has influences from a number of different designers which became really apparent, some of the pieces were intricate, small and subtle with colour combinations. Other pieces from the collection were chunkier, brighter  and bejewelled. There were even a few pieces which had a grungier and darker feel to them, which my friend Jess loved! The bigger more colourful pieces whisked me away to an exotic land and made me think of my holiday! However, I did preferred the smaller pieces, as they are ones I would wear on a day to day basis and suited me more. Although, the chunkier, bright were beautiful and definitely worth investing in.

Table jewellery

Here are the pieces I bought from the collection, I have taken a variety of images so you can get a feeling for the pieces. This first necklace is my favourite! This necklace allows you to shorten or elongate the chain and unhook some of the medallion pieces meaning you get a number of necklaces in one. The second piece is a simple two toned necklace, the soft pastel colours are great for spring but also work throughout the year. As I’m quite fair, I like to wear soft colour which our subtle but add to my outfits and complexion. I instantly noticed the third necklace and could not leave without it, I love the layered effect and the gold/white is simple and will work with a simple dress, or jeans, tee and leather jacket. Perfect for every season.

I don’t often wear earrings but when I saw these beautiful drop earrings I couldn’t resist, once again I went for the soft subtle colour which will work with my fair skin and blonde hair, I’m really excited to wear these with a beautiful summer dress.

Overall I thought the collection was beautiful, the ladies who run the company are also an inspiration! Raising children and supporting each other to create something which is truly stunning

Festival finds at the Isle Of Wight Festival

I have just returned home from a crazy weekend at the Isle Of Wight Festival! It was an amazing weekend, with amazing friends and amazing performances. The line-up included James Bay, Jessie Ware, Pretty Vicious, Ella Eyre, Paolo Nutini, James, First Aid Kit (who I now have a MASSIVE girl crush on), Kodaline, The Black Keys, Pharrell and so many more. The headliners included Blur, Prodigy and FLEETWOOD MAC. My favourite performances from the weekend were Fleetwood Mac, Paolo Nutini, First Aid Kit, Pretty Vicious, James Bay, Pharrell, Kodaline and well, I loved so many of acts but I can’t name them all. Courtesy of my friend Simon Smith | Vibe Division here are a few videos from the festival:

While packing my bag for the weekend I didn’t feel like I was going to a festival, more like fashion week! Whether you’re a fan of the festival favourites such as vest, shorts, bum bags ect or fancy trying something a little different there is so much choice in the world of festival fashion. With style setting events such as Coachella, festival fashion has definitely come into its own and the options are so diverse. However, festival fashion does not end with the outfits! Hair is a serious issue when it comes to the festival season and the amount of dry shampoo bought over the season must cause some kind of boost on the British economy. Braids are having a serious moment and I love them! They scream boho chic and effortless style but let’s admit it.. they certainly aren’t effortless! I have serious hair envy because I have not cracked the code when it comes to braids! I am all fingers and thumbs when it comes to them and NOT in a good way, unfortunately! If anyone could offer some tutorials or advice in that department I would be very grateful!

Men! I feel like you are really stepping it up in the fashion department, graphic tess, macs/windbreakers and pumps are so on point at the minute and it’s great to see men taking care in their appearance and enjoying fashion. Though, I do feel like it is easier for men when it comes to festival fashion, sorry men! But, until you know the pain of having to take off a playsuit in a festival loo to answer the call of nature, then you just don’t understand the hardships girls go through to look nice. Here is my wardrobe from the weekend! I tried to keep my packing to a minimum, so created outfits to wear each day. Going to a festival really gives you a chance to learn/experience a lot about the clothing you should take with you and what works/doesn’t work. I loved my wardrobe, but planning alternatives for the chilly/drizzly weather would have really made the weekend run a little smoother. Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

I will be putting more images from the festival on my Instagram @SARAH_RAY93 – if you’re interested, pop on over.


Summer 2015 is finally here and white is hot! It’s the perfect time to lighten up your wardrobe with some simple and stunning staples that you will be able to adapt and that will compliment any outfit. Whether your grabbing a drink, jetting off on holiday or heading to a festival all-white everything is having a serious moment. Now we know the Great British Summertime is not as forgiving as tropic sun, but there’s something about the crispness of white that provides the perfect solution to looking and feeling summery, without having to bare all.

With so many different shades and accessorises to choose from, white does not have to be boring. Just put on all the white pieces in different textures and make a chic outfit. In fact, white is simply beautiful all around the year, especially when days are getting hot. Whether you’re going for white on white on white look or adding some killer colour block shoes Summer 2015 is sure to be a complete white out

Here are a few white pieces I’ve pick up for this season:

white heat blog 6Topshop – £46

white heat blog skirt 6Miss Guided -£12

white heat blog dress 6Riverisland – £38

white heat top 6  Missguided – £5

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 21.36.54  Riverisland – £10

white heat coat blog 6 .43.25 Miss Selfridge – £39

white heat blog bag Asos – £70

white heat sunglasses  Asos – £15