The Career Sweet Spot

From the suffragette movement to #girlboss, women have been breaking barriers and smashing ceilings for centuries. Despite what you think of our current PM there was a time where a woman being the leader of the UK was laughable and Hilary Clinton wouldn’t have been allowed to wear a pantsuit let alone run for President of the America – basically women are killing it and owning the new world! However, what about the women who are content? Who aren’t looking to smash ceilings or sit in the Oval Office? Recently I read an article in Glamour magazine about the ‘career sweet spot’ the group of women who are successful but also wanted to be happy in their personal life, they had no interest in progressing further than the heights they had reached and they were bloody happy with where they sat.

Should more of us be happy with contentment, is this the only possible way to have it all? A partner, a family, a ‘work-life balance’ (whatever one of those is). Are we chasing the ideals of our male counterparts forgetting the extra things we can have in life? Honestly, as a 24-year-old woman, I have no clue! I know some women do have their own businesses, lovely homes, supportive partner and adorable children but are they the lucky few and what about the sacrifices we don’t see? The missed bedtimes or office outings – it must be harder than we think to have it all and be truly blissfully happy and stress-free.

A massive impact on my generation or at least the women who graduated at a similar time to me was those who saw the whirlwind that was Sophia Amourous and the creation of the term #girlboss but is the idea of being a #girlboss a pipe dream for the most of us? Or do we need to redefine what a #girlboss is? Is it time to coin a few # – a #girlleader or a #girlinspo – just because you’re not at the top of the ladder doesn’t mean you’re not killing it – the world is full of supermums and workers who are closer to the ground than the glass ceiling because that’s where they are needed and happy.

At my age, without any real ties such as a mortgage or kids I naively want it all – I want to hustle hard, take on too many projects, travel to as many countries and make my stamp on the world, but this might change one day, and the ‘career sweet spot’ might just be what I’m aiming for – to have as much as I can and enjoy life.

What do you think? Is it time we defined #girlboss? What does it mean to be a #girlboss to you? Are you happy in the career sweet spot, is it time people stop looking down on it and started realising that life doesn’t have to be late nights in the office, long meetings and the 9-5 (normally 9-6/7) we are working?

Personally, I don’t know but it’s definitely an interesting concept and one I think women should think about! There is a lot of pressure on us to have it all, but honestly, I think we should be ticking the boxes which matter to us and not those around us.


Elite Together describes its transform programme as an intensive 6 week programme that is designed to discover your true potential! The goal is to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks and if you do you get your money back!

When I tell people that i’ve joined this programme I’m met with a lot of confused faces, a lot of people telling me I don’t need to lose 20lbs (which is very sweet) and a lot of laughter because I can’t drink alcohol or have sugar for 6 weeks (yes, really). So why did I join? I’m suppose i’m not in desperate need to lose weight and as some-one who can run a decent distances my fitness levels are OK..ish but I still felt like I was missing something within my workouts! Once I’m in a routine I love the gym, especially classes! Being shouted at by an instructor and having people around you to suffer with and inspire you is great – it helps motivate you and keep the atmosphere light, I believe exercising should be challenging but fun – what is the point in doing something you hate? You won’t keep it up or get anything from it long term.

I like to see exercise as therapy and to challenge how far I can push my mind as well as body, I wrote a blog post a little while ago about the benefits exercise on my mental health which you can find here:Β

I’ve just completed my first week at Elite and it has been amazing, the workouts are killer and the meal plan means that i’m eating better and not stuffing my face full of chocolate or any junk foods, sadly for my boyfriend takeaway Friday is out of the occasion. My first weigh in is on Monday so I will update after that and i’ll keep writing about my experience and how the weight loss/fitness aspect of the training goes.